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SUBMITTER’S COMMENT: Came across this in my facebook feed. This is in what i think is a shop in colorado springs.

WHAT’S AWFUL: Well it appears to be an artist with passable work, but the problem is…

The artist’s arm looks wrapped more than likely because of a fresh tattoo, not personal precaution. Also, no BBP class is going to teach you about covering anything, BBP classes teach about (guess?) Blood-borne pathogens, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and ‘universal precautions’.

Each person has a different level of comfort they choose to take with PPE, hence why “personal” is in the name.

What the guy chooses to wrap and not wrap is really his preference. You can’t stand on one leg and say he should be wrapping the armrest and not in the same breath say he should be wrapping literally every other surface in the room for the same microspray reasons. (Example: Why claim the armrest not being wrapped is a problem, but not mention the chair? Why mention the clipcord cover and not the machine cover?).

Assuming everything is a non-porous material, it can still be properly wiped down with a hard surface disinfectant after he’s done tattooing.

Really wish I would’ve seen a mod comment on this, guys. Submitting things like this because you read a few things on the internet and think you know better than the professional is kinda just insulting. Either know what you’re talking about, or hold your comments on the subject. The person probably deleted your comment because you sound like a jerk saying things over a computer you’d never say to that person face to face.

Reblogging for the commentary. I remember seeing this submission and wanting to mention that he probably wrapped his arm because of a fresh tattoo on himself and that I would literally not see anything else wrong with this set-up. It doesn’t even look like he’s in a house or anything. The post disappeared before I could comment, though.


I hate when I reblog shit to the wrong blog. Here. Read this.

But also Hayley says:
that guy really should be wrapping the clip cord and the armrest, though.

it’s not a preference thing, it’s a law in most places.”

I wanna know where Hayley gets her info, because before I did my apprenticeship I received, had to read and take a test at the state health department all the way in the fucking state capital on the body art laws and facility requirements booklet for our state and it didn’t mention wrapping a clip cord, machine, arm rest or anything else for that matter and we have the strictest body art laws in the country. However it IS a law that your equipment be nonporous and sterilizable. Other than that, it is a preference thing.

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